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1SM - Regalis Jnr Ear Mic System

1SM - Regalis Jnr Ear Mic System
$149.95 - 219.95 depending on connector

Manufacturer : McKay

Weight : N/A

Model Number : 1SM

Connector Number : RI-3001, RI-3101, RI-3002, RI-3102, RI-3202, RI-3003, RI-3103, RI-3203, RI-3303. RI-3004, RI-3104, RI-3005, RI-3008, RI-3009
The model 1SM covert microphone works on bone conduction technology. With the same style of PTT used on our 2PR and other single wire kits, it has great tactile feel
and will last a lifetime. The ear microphone has a combined speaker and microphone that works from the ear canal, no batteries are required. This is great for covert applications where only a whisper needs to be clearly heard.

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 MPTT - Modular Medium Push-To-Talk

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