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1WX - Raptor One, Airtube with Lapel MIC/PTT

1WX - Raptor One, Airtube with Lapel MIC/PTT
$93 (not including connector)

Manufacturer : McKay

Weight : N/A

Model Number : 1WX-TA5

Connector Number : RI-3001, RI-3101, RI-3002, RI-3102, RI-3202, RI-30
The model 1WX is an single wire kit that utilizes our Elite Air Tube system that is like no other. The audio delivered to the ear is second to none. The PTT/Microphone assembly is the same as used on our ever popular 2PR accessory which has proven to be a very popular and reliable unit. Our new shielded polyurethane cable is used throughout to offer years of trouble free service.

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