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Manufacturer : McKay

Weight : 1

Model Number : N/A

Connector Number : 3001
Generic 2 pin accessory adaptor for GP328 and other Pro series radios. save 33% on the genuine HLN-9716 item price

Products that use this item... *
 1RX raptor elite Rx only airtube
 1SM - Regalis Jnr Ear Mic System
 1WX - Raptor One, Airtube with Lapel MIC/PTT
 2DH - D Ear Hook with Lapel Mic
 2WK - Two Wire Kit with Airtube
 2WX - Raptor 2
 3WX - Raptor 3
 4SM - Heavy Duty Microphone
 6AVBH - Behind the Head Industrial Headset
 6AVOH - Over the Head Industrial Headset
 Dual Charger WP-DTC-
 Endura 6 unit charger LETWC-6
 Fenix LD20
 GM300 - Motorola Radio
 GME TX680
 GP300 - Motorola Portable Radio
 GP328 - Motorola 16 channel radio
 GP328 - Motorola 4 channel Radio
 GP328 16 channel
 GP328 4ch UHF refurbished
 GP339 - Motorola Portable Radio
 HLN-9716 - Audio Adaptor
 HMN-9053 - Motorola Hand Mic
 IC-40S - Icom Handheld
 Mini DV camera MD80
 TK-3207 - Kenwood Handheld
 UV LED security torch
 VX-426 UHF CB plus 128 commercial channel Vertex portable
 VX-824 Submersible 512 channel portable
 VX231 UHF commercial 16 channel
 Xenon Bulb Mini Torch 2005 model
* May not include every suitable product

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