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2WX - Raptor 2

2WX - Raptor 2
$115 (not including connector)
$ 10% off on 5+, 15% off on 10+

Manufacturer : McKay

Weight : N/A

Model Number : 2WX-TA5

Connector Number : RI-3001, RI-3101, RI-3002, RI-3102, RI-3202, RI-30
Universal 2 wire covert accessory to connect to almost any current radio brand/model. Elite speaker and air tube with miniature PTT and high strength poly urethane cable for added durability . RI-3xxx cables can be purchased separately to suit your changing requirements. Suits : Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, GME, Uniden, Simoco, Maxon. New connectors available for Uniden UH-075/078 and others! Proven performer on the new Motorola XTS5000 and XTS3000 law enforcement radios.

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