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VX231 UHF commercial 16 channel

VX231 UHF commercial 16 channel
$425 incl charger

Manufacturer : Vertex Standard

Weight : N/A

Model Number : N/A

Connector Number : RI-3109
VX231 UHF 16 channel 450-520 MHz simple yet RUGGED commercial radio with CTCSS, DCS and 5 Tone. 3 year electronic warranty, 2000 mAH Li Ion battery, Charger, belt clip and antenna. Unbeatable value, CHRISTMAS WITH BUY 6 GET 1 FREE offer extended on current stock until March 30th 2011!! Perfect for upgrading existing radios for hotel, security, construction or other simple radio applications.

Accessories for this item... *
 11ACY - Airtube Speaker
 11ES-PK - Personal Kit for Earspike (Spare)
 11ES-SEC - Airtube Standard Ear Cones
 1WX - Raptor One, Airtube with Lapel MIC/PTT
 2DH - D Ear Hook with Lapel Mic
 2DH - D Type Earhook Speaker
 2FSTM - Fire Service Throat Mic with Airtube and PTT
 2PR - Earhook Speaker with Lapel Mic/PTT
 2WK - Two Wire Kit with Airtube
 2WX - Raptor 2
 4SM - Heavy Duty Microphone
 5LWHS - Light Weight Headset with Boom Mic
 6AVBH - Behind the Head Industrial Headset
 6AVOH - Over the Head Industrial Headset
 9ACY - Earhook Speaker
 9MR - On-The-Ear Earhook Speaker
 AAD-040S - Uniden Charger
 AT-335 - Adaptor for Motorola JEDI
 AT-480 - Adaptor for Kenwood TK-X8X
 EP-LL/R - Airtube Earmould Kit Large
 EP-ML/R - Airtube Earmould Kit Medium
 EP-SL/R - Airtube Earmould Kit Small
 FWL - Aviation Fixed Wing Straight Cable Assembly
 HLN-9716 - Audio Adaptor
 HMN-9053 - Motorola Hand Mic
 HR-3UF - Sanyo AA 2500 NiMH Cell
 HR-4U Sanyo AAA NiMH 900 battery
 HTN-3006 charger suit GP328
 LC-GP338 - Leather Case
 MB-3512 AA/AAA charger
 MPTT - Modular Medium Push-To-Talk
 MWPTT - Guardian Modular Large Industrial Push-To-Talk
 NBP-15A2 Battery for TK370
 NBP-17AH2 Battery for TK380
 NBP-196 Battery for IC-40S
 NBP-4024LI - Battery for GP328 Plus
 NBP-4024LIN - Battery for GP328 Plus
 NBP-7143 - Battery for MTX838
 NBP-7144H - Battery for MTS
 NBP-9628 Battery for GP300
 PMTN-4031 - Motorola 6 Unit Charger
 RI-3202 - Raptor Claw for MTS2000, XTS3000
 RPC328 - GP328 ribless
 UNUH040 - Uniden Leather Carry Case
 WPTT - Defender Industrial Push-To-Talk
 XTS5000 covert earpiece kit

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